Our Coffee

Our unique GCM coffee blend is available to buy for home use too! Please contact us to find out more

1KG beans – £18.95

227gm beans or ground – £4.95


As we buy direct from our roasters and have our very own blend roasted exclusively for The Green Coffee Machine we know all about our beans!

A medium to dark roast espresso blend of triple certified coffees from Ethiopia, Central America and Indonesia. Sweetness reminiscent of dark chocolate is complimented by citrus acidity. The cup is finished with a bold spicy kick. A complex espresso that will cut well through milk.

Ethiopia is the birthplace of Arabica coffee. Fairtrade Organic coffees from the Sidamo region in the South of Ethiopia are used in this blend. Grown at altitudes of up to 2000 metres above sea level these coffees are characterised by their floral notes and distinct citrus acidity.

Central America
Triple certified coffees from Central America are used interchangeably depending on the season in order to ensure that the cup profile stays consistent year round. We use strictly high grown coffees, with growing altitudes of 1,300 metres above sea level and higher. Central American coffees contribute sweetness and body to the blend.

Fairtrade Organic coffees from Sumatra provide the bold spicy finish to this blend. These coffees are grown between 1300 and 1700 metres above sea level in the Northern region of Aceh.